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MarcoPolo700 is proud to be represented by Rupert Gather and Shelley Lewis

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MarcoPolo700 Foundation, an organisation dedicated to cultural exchange and education

The MarcoPolo700 Foundation, an organization dedicated to cultural exchange and education, is presenting its vision at the UNESCO World Conference in Abu Dhabi

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, February 13, 2024 / — The MarcoPolo700 Foundation, a pioneering organization dedicated to fostering cultural exchange and education, is proud to announce its selection to present its vision and mission at the prestigious UNESCO World Conference for Culture and Art Education in Abu Dhabi on the 14th of February 2024.

Inspired by the legacy of Marco Polo, who played a pivotal role in opening up trade and cultural exchange between the East and West seven centuries ago, the MarcoPolo700 Foundation seeks to revive the spirit of exploration and bridge the gap in today’s world marked by division and polarization.

Rupert Gather, Trustee of the MarcoPolo700 Foundation, expressed his enthusiasm for this significant opportunity, stating, “We are honored and thrilled to be chosen to share our vision at the UNESCO World Conference. Marco Polo’s legacy continues to inspire us to break down barriers, fostering connections and understanding through the transformative power of digital art.” Mr Gather will be personally present at the World Conference representing the Founation in front of the global selection of Education Ministers and other guests of UNESCO.

The Foundation’s initiatives focus on leveraging technology to create meaningful cultural exchanges, breaking down geographical and cultural boundaries, and promoting global cooperation. In 2024, the mission is to conduct a digital art competition amongst High Schools along the Silk Road inspired by Marco Polo. As the world grapples with increasing challenges of division and polarization, the MarcoPolo700 Foundation believes that digital art can serve as a powerful tool to bring people together, promote dialogue and inclusion. This is a very powerful message that the Foundation believes will have a lasting impact on the high school students who are participating in the competition program.

As the Foundation prepares for the digital arts competition, it’s still seeking to finalise its advisory panel of regional partners along the silk road with the aim to enrol as many local high schools as possible. The foundation also expresses its deepest gratitude to those organisations who donated their tools and educational material to the students who wish to leverage cutting edge technology tools to create their submissions.

Shelley Lewis, Co-chair of the Foundation’s Middle East Committee, expressed her excitement about the upcoming presentation, saying, “In the Middle East, where cultural diversity is rich and varied, the MarcoPolo700 Foundation is committed to enhancing cross-cultural understanding and promoting unity through the universal language of art. We look forward to sharing our initiatives and collaborating with the global community at the UNESCO World Conference.”

The UNESCO World Conference for Culture and Art Education provides a platform for global leaders, organizations, and influencers to discuss and shape the future of cultural and artistic education worldwide. The MarcoPolo700 Foundation is honored to contribute to this important dialogue, highlighting the potential of digital art in fostering cultural exchange and education on a global scale.

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MarcoPolo700 Foundation
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