Pravasi Gujarati Parv 2024: Uganda envoy all praise for Gujarati community’s contributions in the country

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Joice Kikafunda and Nimisha Madhwani prised contributions of Gujaratis in Uganda.

Ahmedabad: Speaking at the second edition of global Gujaratis under the ‘Pravasi Gujarati Parv 2024’ hosted by TV9 Network on Saturday, Joice Kikafunda, High Commissioner of Uganda to India, said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi played an important role in taking ties between India and Uganda to new heights. Both she and Nimisha Madhwani, who hails from the illustrious Madhwani family of Uganda, were speaking at the session ‘Escaping Tyranny, They Migrated to Opportunity’, which was moderated by Kartikeya Sharma, Deputy Managing Editor of News9 Live, and Jay Vasavada.

‘Ties between India and Uganda extremely good’

Speaking about the relationship between India and Uganda, the envoy said that ties between both countries are extremely good. “When Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Uganda in 2018, he addressed the entire Africa from the country. That was not by accident. During his visit to the country, the Prime Minister had also said India would help in the development of Uganda, that too with no strings attached. In April last year, India had opened a forensic university in Uganda.”

Talking about the African Union’s inclusion in the G20 Group last year, making it G21, in New Delhi last year, the envoy said that the same was also possible due to India’s support. Talking about then President Idi Amin’s decision in 1972 to ask Indians and other Asians to leave the country, she said that it was very unfortunate and should not have happened.

Uganda President’s praise for Gujaratis

Sharing a previous message from Uganda President Yoweri Museveni, she added, “ The President disagreed with the then president to make Indians leave Uganda. Gujaratis have played a leading role in Uganda’s development. The community has done wonders for Uganda for decades”

Nimisha Madhwani, when asked about her experience of the country, added that Gujaratis are loved in the country. The community is also doing well in the African country, she added.

“Today Uganda is the lion of Africa. Add to that is beauty of the country. Gujaratis are loved in Uganda. The community has great opportunities for business in the African country. The temperature of the country is also not extremely hot or extremely cold. It is heaven on earth.”

“When Modi was CM of Gujarat in 2011, he went to Uganda. Again he visited the country in 2018 when he was the prime minister. The friendship between India and Uganda is phenomenal.”

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