SLG.GAMES Innovates with Publisher Dashboard 1.3.5, Paving the Way for Blockchain Gaming Success

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SINGAPORE, February 13, 2024 / — SLG.GAMES, a leading provider of blockchain gaming infrastructure, following its success working with multiple blockchain game developers, proudly announces the release Publisher Dashboard Version 1.3.5, a game-changing update that promises to enhance the gaming experience for developers and players alike.

SLG.GAMES has emerged as a pioneer in the fusion of gaming and blockchain technology, revolutionizing the way games are played and experienced. The company recognizes the challenges faced by game developers in integrating blockchain technology into their games and aims to provide a one-stop infrastructure platform for the gaming ecosystem.

Since early 2023, SLG.GAMES have successfully worked with multiple renowned blockchain gaming titles, helping integrate blockchain technology into their games, while simultaneously providing management and security tools for more controlled and efficient operations. These titles include Tap Fantasy ($TAP), Clash of Lilliput ($COL), MetaCraft ($MCT), City Tycoon Games ($CTG), Shattered Legion ($SLG) and Dango. SLG.GAMES has received very positive and useful feedback from its partners and decided to introduce its new version of Publisher Dashboard 1.3.5.

The recently launched Publisher Dashboard Version 1.3.5 offers an array of innovative features designed to empower developers in creating more advanced and immersive gameplay experiences. With SLG.GAMES’ secure and easy-to-use standardized blockchain tools, developers can now effortlessly integrate blockchain elements into their games while enhancing playability for gamers.

One of the key features is the Industrial-Grade Software Development Kit (SDK) Module, which streamlines the integration process by providing standardized tools and functions necessary for incorporating blockchain elements into gameplay. This module enables developers to tokenize in-game assets using fungible (FT) and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), allowing users to store and use their assets consistently and with trust. SLG.GAMES has also innovated on NFT protocols to better support the diversity of asset classes offered by traditional games.

Furthermore, SLG.GAMES’ User System offers an account management module that allows developers to bind players’ wallet addresses to their game accounts. By implementing a fully blockchain-based account solution, registration, verification, and login can be conveniently performed using the user’s wallet address. The user system also integrates account abstraction functions as blockchain technology evolves, making it even more secure and user-friendly.

Alongside these features, the Publisher Dashboard Version 1.3.5 incorporates a comprehensive game management platform for operators throughout the game life cycle. This platform facilitates asset management, user management, risk management, analysis, BI dashboard, and guild systems, empowering operators to effectively manage their games and enhance user experience.

SLG.GAMES’ commitment to security is evident in its implementation of mechanisms such as multi-party computation (MPC), trusted execution environment (TEE), private key sharding, authority separation, and hot/cold wallet systems. By insisting on the use of multi-sig smart contract vaults as asset custody, SLG.GAMES ensures the highest level of security for players’ assets, enhancing user confidence in the platform.

Additionally, SLG.GAMES embraces the integration of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) into gaming experiences through its Modular GameFi Infrastructure Platform. This platform offers various tools and functionalities for developers to seamlessly leverage DeFi features in their games, including asset offering, asset transaction, DeFi module, community governance, and front-end frameworks.

SLG.GAMES also provides user services aimed at enhancing the gaming experience. Players can access game-related information directly from developers, receive tips from peers, and explore reward pathways within the platform. Revenue billboards and calculators are available to help players make informed decisions when choosing blockchain games.

As gaming continues to gain popularity worldwide, SLG.GAMES is at the forefront of leveraging blockchain technology to revolutionize the industry. Their innovative Publisher Dashboard Version 1.3.5 marks another milestone in their journey towards providing advanced gameplay experiences and empowering developers in the blockchain gaming ecosystem.

SLG.GAMES is a leading provider of blockchain gaming infrastructure, offering a one-stop platform for game developers and operators. By combining gaming with blockchain technology, SLG.GAMES aims to enhance gameplay experiences and empower developers in creating more immersive games. With secure and easy-to-use standardized tools, SLG.GAMES lowers the entry threshold for developers and improves playability for gamers.

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